Knowledge Graph Conference 2022

Ben Steer · May 31, 2022

This Week, Alhamza and I were at the Knowledge Graph Conference in New York giving a tutorial on the application of Temporal Graphs.

Us Posing outside the venue with the first Banner with Pometry’s name on it!

The Knowledge Graph Conference was founded at Columbia University in 2019 to help increase the adoption of knowledge graphs outside of universities. These have had many names in the past, including the Semantic Web and Linked Data, all of which fall under the banner of KGC. The conference, therefore, focuses largely on real world applications and connecting accademics with possible industry partners (another network!).

This was a brand new community for us, with most of our prior conference visits in the Database and Complex Systems domain, but we have an absolute blast and was welcomed with open arms. The Raphtory tutorial had a great audience with loads of engagement from the crowd, all of which can be watched below!

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