Linked Data Benchmark Council 15th TUC meetup

Ben Steer · June 18, 2022

This weekend, Naomi and I attended the 15th Linked Data Benchmark Council TUC to discuss the application of Raphtory on the social network Gab and the difference insights you get depending on the temporal depth at which you examine data.

The LDBC is a non-profit organisation aiming to foster a community that creates graph processing benchmarks and assists the standardisation of graph query languages. They regularly organise meetups, bringing together graph system vendors, practitioners and researchers all with this goal in mind.

The Raphtory team has been working with the LDBC team for a long time, initially on the Social Network Benchmark (LDBC-SNB), but more recently as a sponsor of the project.

Ongoing discussions about what type of queries should be involved in the Social Network benchmark.

You can watch the talk below and checkout the paper on the original work here!

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